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 no mHere are some questions we get asked regularly. Please feel free to contact us directly should you have additional questions or need clarification on any of the below.

What Makes Needham Solutions different?

Well other than we LOVE what we do, we can do more of it. Most ‘agencies’ are limited due to knowledge of just a few systems or tools. We constantly stay up to date with a wide range of different marketing platforms, technologies, techniques, tools, processes, and best practices to make sure that we can help in a variety of ways and a magnitude of different projects for you and your business.

What if we are just starting out and do not have any systems in place?

Great and congratulations on starting a business! We can definitely help you locate the right systems, tools, processes, branding and brand standards guides, etc. We will perform a series of business analysis exercises to understand your business, your strategy, and future goals so that we can put the right technologies in place as well as help you create processes and procedures around the tools and how to best utilize them across departments.

What if I have existing systems in place that you do not know?

With over 50 years of experience in a very wide range of technologies, I assure you, if not identical to your systems, we have worked with one or two very similar to it. Plus, we love to learn new things! We will quickly train ourselves and become the subject matter experts on any system in order for us to improve processes and implement needed automation, tasks, campaigns, reporting, and more to make sure your business can continue to operate smoothly and Needham Solutions LLC remains your go-to external marketing implementation team.

What if I need on-going monthly support, do I have to sign a contract?

We understand businesses change and quickly. While we prefer a signed contract for ongoing monthly support for all your different projects, we have short term contracts that may be more suited for certain situations. We do NOT require a year-long commitment to start. We offer 3, 6, and 12 month contracts. This allows you to not feel ‘locked in’ if you are not satisfied, but still gives us time to prove to you, we are well worth a long-term contract, should you choose after the initial short-term contract ends.

We have one project that we need help with, but it is a BIG one, how would that work?

We would start by assessing the project together, find out the goals, deliverables, timeline, and give you an estimate on the number of hours it will take. From there you can choose to either pay our standard hourly rate or choose a time package. This allows you to budget accordingly. We will always send you time reports so that you know where our time is being spent and which projects take longer in order to help you analyze your efforts. With the time package offer, you are still saving on your per hour breakdown rate and can cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice when the project is coming to a close.

Are you an agency or only work with agencies?

We like to consider ourselves a ‘full-service team’, not an agency. While some of our clients are large marketing agencies (no, we will not tell you who!) and most are direct clients (startups and small businesses), we are the back-end marketing, design, technology, and operations team for our clients, no matter what. We love what we do and truly enjoying helping all businesses grow. Being a part of the success of any client as your extended and external marketing ‘doers’ is what we are here for.

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