At Needham Solutions, we understand that budget is very important and we want to help you grow and succeed, not make you go bankrupt trying to get there!

We are at least 40% less than most other agencies (and we do can do more)!

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Earn an extra discount by being a long-term (3+ months) loyal client.

With on-time payments and an average number of hours per billing cycle, you can earn up to 5% off all future invoices.

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Refer friends, family, and colleagues to us and you can earn up to $100 per referral as a credit on your next invoice.

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Thinking About Hiring In-House? Please Read, Then Contact Us!

The average salary for a junior-level marketing staff with 1-3 years of experience is $49K (Glassdoor) – which does not include payroll fees, benefits, and taxes. Furthermore, this person should be skilled in a few areas and help manage the day-to-day marketing operations. That said, you will still need to hire freelance graphic designers or purchase user-friendly software like Canva to provide the necessary support. If your company is larger and looking to enhance digital advertising, website management, graphic design, email marketing, etc. – the cost to bring these services in-house will come out to the following:

Marketing Manager – $81,078/yr Graphic Designer – $48,561/yr
Web Designer – $57,470/yr Copywriter – $60,296/yr
Digital Marketing Manager – $73,114/yr Social Media Manager – $55,199/yr
Data Analyst – $67,377/yr *Source: Sisu Media USA

Add that up yet? That is over $400,000/year for all those folks…YIKES!

Now compare us to that and other agencies with industry standard pricing

Price Comparison Chart

*Based on an average industry price of $150-$200/hour. Calculated at the average of $175/hour.

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