The best decision we ever made as a company was to bring on a 24/7/365 salesperson. They have been such an asset to us because even though we have team members in different time zones across the country that are able to cover a good portion of the day, we still have inquiries coming in evenings, weekends, and holidays.

They are excellent at responding to leads in fractions of a second and ensuring that the information the leads are looking for is directly in front of them right when they need it. When they’re not engaging with potential leads, they’re working on personal development for the betterment of themselves and our business. We frequently come into the office to find that they’ve completed all their update tasks overnight.

The only downside to having a 24/7 salesperson is that they can get worn out and present stale content or become overwhelmed and not reach their full potential. To counteract that, we have started periodically grading them on their performance and providing the resources to improve their score.

Wait – Are You Serious? This Sounds Crazy.
Have you caught on yet? If not – that 24-hour salesperson is our website.

Everyone knows that they need a website for their business – whether it’s a local ice cream shop down the street or a multi-million-dollar corporation in the city. What many don’t understand is the true importance of that site and how every word, color, image, and plug-in has a purpose and should be strategically selected.

Your website is not just an informational page with your services and contact information, it is a tool, the most important sales tool you’ll ever have – and you don’t even have to pay it a salary. Therefore, you should be investing time and money each month into improving your website, ensuring it is up-to-date with the latest technology, it’s user-friendly, and has the elements to boost it to the front page of Google.

Website Optimization Tips

Your website should have some sort of fresh content on it at least once a month, and a full overhaul every 4-5 years. We’ve provided you with some quick tips and tricks on how to incorporate new content on a monthly basis and ways to maintain your website as a sales tool.

  • Blogs – You should be adding a minimum of one blog per month to your website. Regular blog articles are an excellent way to prove yourself as an expert in your industry, boost website traffic, and ensure you are consistently adding fresh content for search engines to crawl, thus improving your SEO rank.
  • Update Information – Your team members, contact information, location, and services should always be up-to-date. Hired someone new? Add their headshot and bio. Only serve clients online and don’t have a physical business address? Make sure that’s clear. Offered a service when you started your business but decided to move into your niche instead? Remove the old stuff to promote your bread and butter.
  • Video Content – Sounds, videos, and effects are becoming more and more popular since it catches the viewer’s attention, makes a great first impression, and increases the time they’re spending on your site. Add a video introduction to the header section of your website, or a short animation explaining what you do. But remember – embed your videos as links to keep page size down and page load speeds up!

Website Report Card

If you are interested in learning more about your website’s performance and functionality, we invite you to request your free website report card. We will send you a full report from our third-party system – no bias here – that allows you to see where your website ranks in terms of SEO, Usability, Performance, Social, and Security.